Collision Repair Services

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BMW and Lexus mechanical repairs begin with a detailed, computerized assessment in addition to a close personal inspection. Certified Auto Body is leading the industry with investment in mechanical repair technology in order to increase accuracy of repairs. Our experience is second to none and we know where to look for hidden damage others may miss. We provide you and your insurance company the information needed to return your vehicle to its original condition.


In the area of frame repair, we use a highly specialized spot welder designed specifically to weld the inner structure of high end automobiles like BMW and Lexus. You will notice that our service is an integration of training, equipment, and experience. The frame of your vehicle is the foundation. To maintain high end performance safely, it must be true and as strong as it was when it left the factory. Certified Auto Body’s factory trained technicians ensures your frame repair will provide the most safety for the life of your repaired BMW or Lexus. Whether you own it for life or are concerned with the resale value, quality frame repair is a critical first step.


Modern automobiles are of uni-body construction and require special equipment operated by qualified technicians. We pay special attention to hidden damages critical to not only the vehicle body but also to the safety and performance of your vehicle. Manufacturers highly recommend having your automobile repaired at facilities like Certified Auto Body who specialize in uni-body work.

Certified Auto Body can repair vehicle body damage so that it is undetectable. We love looking at the before and after pictures of automobiles we have repaired with their owners. Without the before pictures it is easy to forget what a car looked like, prior to our restoration.


Are you driving an F-series Ford truck, Audi, Jaguar, Cadillac, Acura, BMW, or Mercedes Benz? Then your vehicle may have an aluminum body structure. When aluminum needs to be repaired, it MUST be done by a certified aluminum repair shop – like Certified Auto Body!

Certified Auto Body has invested in the proper equipment and hundreds of hours making sure our technicians are specially trained. This means your repair is done correctly, quickly, and in the most cost-efficient way.

Your car’s safety is important and we repair aluminum with your safety in mind. Vehicles reinforced with aluminum require special welding techniques in order to maintain its safety.

Choose Trained Techs – Choose the Right Equipment – Choose Certified Auto Body.

Aluminum repair higher res

Our state-of the-art factory paint repair finishes incorporate only recommended and approved BMW and Lexus paint products. This will guarantee a repair with factory paint match with special attention to paint texture, gloss and hue. Our process is applied with our experience in high end automotive finishes like BMW and Lexus brand vehicles. Take some before pictures because you will not believe you are looking at the same vehicle when we are done.


We all know the feeling of getting into a finely detailed BMW or Lexus vehicle. After everything you and your vehicle has been through to be repaired, Certified Auto Body pays close attention to the fine interior and exterior details. That is why people come back for our legendary customer service. Your vehicle will be so clean it will remind you of driving it out of the showroom.