We Are Experts in Aluminum Repair

We Are Experts in Aluminum Repair

Aluminum is becoming more and more popular in the auto industry as manufacturers strive to build lighter-weight, more fuel efficient vehicles without sacrificing performance.  Aluminum is often used for frames and body panels, and the Ford F-150 even has a model with its entire body fabricated from the material.

Welding thin-gauge aluminum poses several challenges for auto body professionals

  • Heat – One challenge is controlling the heat. While heating the damaged area, thin sections of aluminum are prone to warping and burn-through.  Using heat to soften and reshape damaged metal, then allowing it to cool while holding it in place and avoiding further damage is an art form that requires added time and a high level of skill.
  • Equipment – The cost to buy the necessary equipment to repair aluminum is very high and can often be a burden on many repair shops.
  • Education – Aluminum welding requires special training. Technicians need to learn new welding techniques and safety procedures, as well as obtain a proper certification in order to perform these repairs.

We have stepped up to the challenge

Many other auto body shops are not equipped to handle aluminum repairs, but Certified Auto Body has invested the necessary time and money into our business and our technicians to make sure we maintain our high standards for all types of repairs.  The challenges of welding aluminum are great, and that is why it is so important to leave your vehicle in the hands of an experienced, industry-trained technician that you can trust.

Certified Auto Body in Lake Bluff is the premier provider of collision repair on the North Shore.  Contact Us at 847-473-9656 or www.certifiedautobody.com to see why our decades of experience, reliable service and expert technicians make us the best choice for your auto body repair needs.


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